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Up Your Fashion Quotient With A Poncho


The poncho and the cape have been touted as the biggest trend of this season. Ponchos were worn by the Native Americans since pre-Hispanic times. While the main goal of a poncho is to keep the body warm, a cape is like a sleeveless outer garment that covers only the back half of the wearer. In the fashion industry, capes tend to be dressier and made of heavier material than ponchos.

If you are wondering where to buy ponchos, looking online is the best option available. There are several clothing stores across the country according to . With the growing competition in the online market to capture more customers, there is always a never-ending line of sales and promotions which you can use to your benefit.

Most customers identify with the fun and trendy vibe that a poncho gives off. There have not been many innovations I the fashion industry in the recent years that have been received as well as the poncho. They are perceived to be super trendy in addition to being super comfortable. Since a lightweight poncho can be used indoors as well as outdoors, it is the perfect for days when the temperature is not that cold.

Ponchos are also available in kid sizes making them look cute without making them feel uncomfortable. The ease of wearing a poncho has been one of the major crowd pullers. You only have to pull it over your head. Some different ways of wearing a poncho or cape have been compiled below to help you achieve the perfect look:
· Keep it chic, by wearing a single color from head to toe. Winter White works especially well.
· Flowy Capes are the perfect accompaniment to miniskirts and tall boots.
· A simple top and white jeans topped off with a black floor length poncho.
· Accentuate your waist by wearing a wide belt over your poncho.
· Keep it classy by pairing your poncho with cropped leather pants and pointy toe flats.
· Shoulder bags need to be held by their straps to prevent them from slipping off while wearing a poncho.
· A denim monochrome outfit is a perfect counterpoint to a tan poncho.
· Capes styles with over-the-knee suede boots will bring out your sexy side.

Many shoppers are confused by the different styles of ponchos available in the market today. Some of these ponchos are meant for formal occasions or to as a part of professional attire. There also ponchos that is more bohemian in style with colorful patterns, chunky knits, and even fringes. It is a good idea to consider the purpose of the poncho before deciding on which style to buy. There are also several ponchos available that sport beautiful Aztec prints inspired by their South American heritage.

A poncho tends to be an attention grabber on its own, so it is prudent not to over-accessorize. Follow the minimalistic rule to maintain a clutter-free look. A clutch is a perfect counterpart to a poncho to avoid the shoulder bags slipping off your shoulders. Once you find the perfect poncho, drape it across your body and achieve the timeless look of perfection.

Explore Spain- The Exotic Vacation Destination


Spain is a blend of culture, landscape, history, architectural wonders, valleys, hilltops, beaches, and last but not the least cuisine. Your vacation to Spain can be one of the best decisions you can ever take. Spain is one of the most beautiful and exotic tourist hubs of Europe. The CLC World Travel Centre offers you some of the best deals to Spain and many other tourist locations.

The tourism industry is in a boom throughout the world and all the governments are trying to give enough importance to tourism as mentioned in the site

There are some splendid and exotic locations like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bunol and Canary islands. They have the best nightlife and fiestas. You will love exploring these places.
But it is very important that you plan your vacation properly so that you don’t face any problems in a place you are not familiar with. First chart out how many days you will be staying in Spain, some people plan a small vacation, some prefer staying for more than ten days. If you are planning to use the service of a resort then you won’t have to face any problems because you get all the services tailor made from them, they pick you up from the airport and provide you with the best of hotels and all other facilities promised by the resort. But if that is not the case then you have to search for good hotels in the area you would be staying, check the availability and book rooms beforehand so that you don’t face any problem after landing in Spain.

The next point to consider is the number of places you would be visiting because there are many exotic locations. Take a map and choose the site seeing places which are closer to the location you are traveling, so that you don’t miss visiting any places during your vacation. The advantage of visiting Spain through your club membership is they have a program vacation plan, so you need not have to waste time in searching for good tourist spots. The resorts have many years of experience so they would offer their best service. It is also important to check the climatic conditions during your time on vacation. It is always recommended to select the best Spain vacation package to have a stress free and enjoyable holiday. An experienced and trained holiday package or a travel agent would help you better. Instead of wasting time on searching for hotels, food, climate and places of interest, just give that work to the holiday planners, resorts or the travel agents, they have the best knowledge. You can find some of the fabulous packages and deals from them all around the year. If you are more interested in visiting the beaches then it is better you plan the places accordingly.

If you are a golfer and want to mix golf with your vacations then Spain has some of the best 5-star resorts with golf courses. You can have a fantastic golf vacation.

These are some of the tips you can think of before visiting and exploring one of the best tourist destinations, and that is Spain.

Best DIY Storage Ideas For A Clutter Junkie


At present do it yourself or DIY projects have taken the world by storm. One of the main reasons for this would be the economy; people have started being more careful on what they spend on and try to minimize expenditure as much as possible. DIY has helped to tackle the economic crisis in a fun way which has been embraced by many homemakers regardless of which country they are from. The sheer satisfaction at having created something on their own by recycling and using minimal items at a fraction of the cost is a high for most DIY fans. Some DIY storage solutions are the best ide for any Home Storage Junkie with a lot of stuff. can help you get started on decluttering your home and store everything in an organized manner.

Some simple ideas to get to you started on decluttering your home can be seen below:

· A cheap organizer attached to the base of a mirror is a great way to store all your knick knacks. You can even add on some hooks to make it double up as a key holder.

· Painted rolling crates that fit right underneath your bed or couch is an excellent storage place. They are easily accessible and not very difficult to personalize either

· A plain canvas basket can be glammed up with some fabric paint, and it is ready to store soft toys of your little one or if you don’t like to share you can use it to store your scarves and blankets.

· Wooden crates can be used in any number of ways to store different things around the home. All you have to do is attach some line some fabric to the inside of the wooden crate to give it a sleek look. You can even hang them on an empty wall to create an impromptu bookshelf

· If you are a tea drinker, you probably have a lot of different tea bag boxes lying around the house. Take a small wooden box, use a bit of fabric paint to give it an antique finish and you can use it store all you tea bags in a single place.

· Next time you open a can in your kitchen, do not throw it away. Just cut off the top part and sand it down. Then use a fabric liner and use it to store any stationary items around your home. You can also make it look fancy by wrapping some cotton thread around the can.

· Copper tubes cut into 2 inch pieces and stuck onto a plastic or wooden base make the best lipstick organizer with as many slots as you need.

· You can cut up disposable wipes containers into similar shapes and hang them on a hook to make an excellent storage solution in your craft room or kitchen.

· Another possible use for disposable wipe container is to fill them up with disposable covers and take them along when you take your dog for a walk. Cleaning up poo is so much easier now.

· A top favorite is gluing together different PVC pipes cut into 9 inches lengthwise. These are the perfect DIY for a person with too many shoes to count.